We may be down, but we’re not out

12079619_10100545187163578_646496700274035886_nAny season after last (epic!) was always going to reach a little less high.

Okay, it reached a lot less high. The Gleesh chose and unflappably committed to a style of play that’s challenging on a shoestring. At times, stats said we were close. Results said differently. Injuries injured…‎ and endured. The media narrative was awkwardly focused on an unlikely playoff run.

With the exception of a first advancement in the voyageur cup and a big win against an MLS side, it’s been hard to not feel the momentum pendulum swinging, well, a bit slower.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that we remember that we’re part of something bigger than any single result or season. Bigger than any individual player or coach‎. A moment or symbol matters only because it inspires us through a shared experience.

We have to be there for that to happen. So as we play our ultimate NASL match before a step [you choose the direction] to the USL, we need to remember that we are not out.

We are here to stay.

So long as the Fury flame flickers, the people in the supporters section are going to be the god-damned most intense and passionate people in the stadium. From beginning to end. Our colours before any other.

Always with you.

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