Fury & riot time is now

Stony Monday Riot is back. Soccer is just around the corner and 2015 is going to be a big year for the sport in our city. The Ottawa Fury’s inaugural season is now behind us. There are few excuses left for club and players, it is time to compete. From all the players I’ve recently met, I can promise they are ready to give everything to the club for that goal.

Last Saturday afternoon at the H&C on Preston, Stony Monday Riot invited the Fury community to reconnect with their players. It was a great turnout; the excitement and passion was felt by players and supporters alike. The team’s new faces were introduced; we met families; we heard stories of stardom in India; we got the update on Brazil’s beaches; we shared fanaticism of NCAA basketball; and we got to converse about the club we are all a part of. The humble dedication of our squad deserves to be equalled by the commitment of the club’s owners and its supporters. As fans and supporters, we have a promise to make. Everyone in SMR is excited about doing our best to make 2015 a big year for the OFFC.

And as supporters, we’ve got lots to look forward to: an away trip to New York Cosmos, a challenging but realistic chance of making a big leap in Canada’s Voyageur’s Cup, the Women’s World Cup in Ottawa and seeing Canada play in Montreal, plus a full season at Lansdowne where the Fury are promised to score goals and win matches.

Some SMR ‘traditions’ are back too: we are starting things off with the second annual Borthwick Cup, Ottawa’s premier FIFA2015 tournament. Look to see us have fun and embarrass ourselves while supporting a multicultural Ottawa once again at the Community Cup. Our banter will always be top-notch… and forever Fury inspired. And of course each and every match SMR, along with the Bytown Boys and Fury Ultras, will be present to make Section W the loudest, most passionate and creative supporters section in the NASL.

But supporter culture, and SMR with it, needs to continue to grow, change and evolve. In Ottawa, the culture is still in early childhood; the supporters and the club need to embrace an organic relationship with our city. On our part, there will be the familiar songs and chants but there will also be new ones. We will be meeting in Lansdowne Park before each match, we welcome everyone in the Fury community to join us in conversation, chant and song! SMR has also set a goal for ourselves to reach out, grow the supporters section, and continue to advocate for a Fury FC driven by a commitment to its community of soccer supporters. We want the Section W spirit to become the Ottawa Fury spirit.

Luis Menotti, the manager of Argentina’s 1978 World Cup winning squad, is a philosopher of global soccer. He was once asked why around the world people are fascinated in soccer; Menotti responded:

“I am not so innocent, I’m not so stupid: I know soccer is a business. But its business is different. Business is about what I put in, what you put in, and how we divide it up. But, what does business put into the world of soccer?… What does [the club] depend upon that the businessmen don’t have? On a century of history, on a product that is already made.”

We don’t have the luxury of a history but we have the privilege of making one.

Fury we’re always with you! See you all at Lansdowne.

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  1. Great event at H&C Preston. The new and existing players are a great group of lads and the SMR crew are ready to hit the ground running this year. Going to be a fantastic season of fan-dom!

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