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Marc Dos Santos hand crafting the team he wants. Marc Dos Santos hand crafting the team he wants.

Marc Dos Santos is a man on a mission. Given the unique opportunity of building an NASL soccer team from the ground up, Dos Santos has the chance to bring in exactly the players he wants for the style of play that will become a trademark of the Ottawa Fury FC. He has the rare the luxury of being able to start from the beginning with this team and can be very deliberate about the players he goes after. And he’s gone after some great ones!

Ottawa Fury FC is shaping up to be a great team both offensively and defensively. Dos Santos has looked around the world for the best talent for our club and he’s putting together a roster that we can all be excited and proud to watch come game day. So far the side boasts two forwards in Oliver Minatel, a 21 year old from Brazil, and Carl Haworth, a 23 year old of Barrie Ontario. Oliver is a promising young player who seems versatile and quite aggressive. Haworth is homegrown talent already familiar with Ottawa, having spent some time on The Ottawa Fury PDL team and emerged as the leading goal scorer in the 2013 season. Both are skilled forwards who can convert chances into goals. Next we come to my favourite section, the midfield. I strongly believe a midfield can make or break a team. Skilled midfielders are beautiful to watch, artistically crafting plays and creating scoring chances and goals for the strikers. Which brings us to our first two midfield signings; we have acquired Nicki Paterson, 28 of Scotland, and Richie Ryan, also 28 of Ireland. Both players have exceptional vision in creating plays, and accurate service when setting up their strikers. And finally, we come to the defense. The Ottawa Fury FC recently announced the signing of Ramon Soria of Spain. This 24-year-old defender is clearly a leader on the field and has spent time on the reserve team for Villarreal and captained the reserves for RCD Mallorca in the Spanish league. There are still a lot of spots to be filled on the Ottawa Fury FC roster and I, for one, am excited to see what other players will be bringing their talents to our club.

All in all, we can expect a very competitive team united behind the goal of bringing world-class soccer to the city of Ottawa.

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  1. It’s exciting because these players seem like the kind of guys who want to make the Fury work and are smart enough to realize what it needs for that to happen. Some of the older guys might not have much more talent to develop, so this might be their peak, but the younger players have something to prove talent wise. But so far seems like a good core attitude. I believe dos Santos also realizes the opportunity he has been given, which shows also his intelligence. No Canadian is ever being going to be given ‘the easy way’ and they have to work to prove with what they can get how good they actually are. A few good years at the Fury will really show why he is one of Canada’s most promising managers

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