Supporters of the World: Vegalta Sendai

The supporters for Vegalta Sendai in the J.League are an inspiration. Vegalta Sendai play in Sendai, Japan and started off in division 2 of the J league 25 years ago. They were finally promoted to the top tier in Japan for a short stint in 2002-2003. After a few more years in division 2, they returned to division 1 in 2010 and have remained there since. In 2011, their stadium and training grounds were destroyed by the 9.0 magnatude earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Despite the destruction and hardship the team were determined to play the rest the rest of the season when the league returned from a haitus in the latter half of 2011. Their fans are just as hardworking and passionate about their team. After the devastating tsunami they rallied together in support of the team and displayed a banner stating “Thank you for all friends. We do not lose until we regain a hometown”…and the team went on to win 12 straight games. They are famous for “rock and roll” style chants and have chants to the tunes of The Ramones, Twisted Sister, KISS and their theme song is “Take Me Home Country Roads.” Their story has inspired a documentary which is soon to be released. I have always loved seeing these supporters in action. To me it shows just how beautiful, passionate and chaotic supporters culture can be. You can hear the passion and pride these guys have for their team.


Vegalta Sendai

GO! Ikuzo Sendai

Oretachi to kokoni

Ready Go


Vegalta Sendai

GO! let’s go Sendai

With us here

Ready Go

Post by Kendra Lee


  1. Having lived in Sendai for 3 years, I rapidly became an avid fan of Vegalta Sendai. The supporter groups for this team are amazong and, regardless of how the tean is doing, their devotion, excitement, and energy never wanes. It was, in fact, The Twisted Sister chant that inspired me to create some of my pwn chants for the Fury FC (see the forum section) and I look forward to helping create a festive atmosphere at Fury games starting in April.

    Let’s Go, Snedai!

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