Stony Monday Riot: Rooted in History

By Theo Gauthier

Recently, members of Stony Monday Riot got to work on a new flag to be displayed at Ottawa Fury matches. To understand the flag, beyond the obvious OFFC reference, we’ll invite you to read on. But first, a few words about Stony Monday Riot’s vision.

For Stony Monday Riot, being rooted in the fabric of the community is important. It’s no happenstance that we chose our name to commemorate one of the most important (yet little known) events in the region’s history (for more about this, check out our About page or even this little video, minus the bits about last year’s FIFA tournament). What we project to the world through our supporters group should be a reflection of us as a city, as a people. We need to stand out, rise above the clichés of supporters groups from other clubs, and speak for our culture, our region. We can’t stress this enough. It’s why you won’t catch us singing “When The Saints Come Marching In”. That does not belong to us. We strive to be more than an imitation of something started in Victorian England or Toronto in 2007. If all we’re going to be is a copy of a copy of a copy, then why do it at all? No, Stony Monday Riot is going to mine Ottawa’s heritage, extract beauty from it, and bring it to a new generation.

That was our mindset when we set out to design our newest flag in the offseason. We think, and we hope you’ll agree, that we’ve hit the nail on the head. Ryan found this old logo used by the Ottawa Rough Riders between 1950 and 1960.  The letters represent “Ottawa Football Club”. You’ve probably already deduced by now where we’re going with this. The colours, the pennants, the flags: all of it screamed Ottawa Fury to us.

It wasn’t a stretch to adapt that logo to modern times. We didn’t want to change a thing, except to add an “F” for “Fury”. Our crack sewing team and deal-finders, made up of Kendra, Laura, Lorna and some moral support from Matt, got to work assembling the pieces, tracing different elements and piecing everything together.

The final product speaks for itself. We look forward to displaying this flag, our largest yet, at all upcoming OFFC matches. And if our process for deciding on a design for our newest flag struck a chord, why not join us in Section W this Spring? Who knows; maybe you can be an important part of our next project!



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