Stoking the fire

by Jon Van Baggie

Our warriors, our club and our passion; together, they brought us to new and unexpected heights last season.

There are moments, battles, that we will never forget.‎ Forever engraved in our collective experience. A part of us.

‎It’s with that shared experience that we set our sights on the next chapter, a clean slate anchored in our short history. New and home.

We will soon unfurl our flags, ready our drums and adorn the colours of Our Fury and our rage. The crest will come to rest over our hearts again.

We will, again, become bigger than the sum of our parts.

Still, every part is important. Every contribution has a multiplying factor, the exponential power of a mantra.

This is where each and every soccer fan can make a difference, leave a mark and write the story of our city and Our Fury.

Join us, as the ritual, the excitement, the passion, the camaderie and the adventure continue.

It continues and starts this Sunday at 6 p.m. at Cantina Sur on Bronson. Everyone is welcome, no matter how much or how little you know of soccer. Come be a part of it.


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