The Ottawa Fury FC played their first ever NASL game on Saturday April 12, 2014. They play their first ever home game on Saturday April 19, 2014. And no one could be more excited than this group of supporters.

Stony Monday Riot are busy making sure our flags, songs, and shirts are ready for the home opener on Saturday. We are preparing for our FIFA 14 tournament, the historic Borthwick Cup. We are writing blog posts, tweeting, sharing on Facebook and Instagram, telling our friends and all who will listen. We support this team.

We have loved this team since their inception, without ever seeing them play a game. We feel a strong connection to the players and coaches. Of course we want desperately for the club to win and be competitive in the NASL. We want them to be a successful professional soccer club in Ottawa. We want them to be bad-ass. But we will support them no matter what. So whether they pull off an historic first win or take a beating from Minnesota United on Saturday, we will be behind them all the way. We will rejoice in victories. We will weep in loss. We will show our anger when we are wronged. We will show our passion when we succeed. We will keep singing through good times and bad. Hasta la victoria Fury siempre!

Written by Kendra Lee

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