SMR’s response to the Fury’s ticket plans

The Stony Monday Riot has been fairly quiet since we put up this website; we’ve been around spreading the word about the Fury FC and telling those who’d like to party where we will be next year, doing our bit. Where exactly that will be became a bit clearer yesterday when the Ottawa Fury FC released their ticket plans. Some things to be excited about: real professional association football is coming to the city. And a few things that give us pause. In the interest of an open and public dialogue we thought we’d share some of our thoughts:

First, We recognize the reality of the North American sports industry and that the Ottawa Fury FC is a business owned by OSEG and John Pugh is President of the Fury FC side. We will not challenge or change this. OSEG and Fury FC are going to make their own decisions about things that they are responsible for. They have already done some pretty good things in setting up what we think is a quality coaching staff. We hope them all the best in what they do.

Second, We believe strongly that fans make their sports teams through their creative efforts, whatever they are: from singing and chanting to talking to their friends and family about their passion. These things belong to them and not to any business. SMR and other fans are not props, marketing tools, or part of a brand. What we make and do inside and outside the stadium belongs to us. We create and share our passion with other people, not a business.

Third, We are concerned that the ‘supporter’s section’ is exclusive. Don’t get us wrong we like cheap(er?) tickets; especially given how much money we are going to spend on overpriced beer. We believe, however, that soccer culture in this city needs to grow organically. We cannot contribute with other fans and supporters groups in making an awesome soccer
culture in Ottawa when separated from new people through sections and seat numbers or when placed off in a distant corner. People need a chance to learn, practice, and come to love soccer culture; to be the passionate, excited, loud fans we know they can become. A true supporter’s section grows as the craziest fans are allowed to come together.

In the spirit of those concerns we are asking the Fury FC to make a true supporters stadium that is open, accessible in price with quality spaces for everyone, and that has sections for general admittance so that people on match day can go where they feel most comfortable and truly contribute to making soccer culture in this city. We are open to discussing our ideas with fans and with the Ottawa Fury FC about how to make them a reality.

Allez allez Ottawa!

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