SMR Reveals Third T-Shirt to Unsuspecting Supporters

Paint it Grey!

Stony Monday Riot unveiled its first ever third t-shirt in HISTORY last Friday. Some members of the Riot were the first to see the new shirts. Later in the morning the shirts were revealed on small screens across the internet to everyone watching youtube instead of the EPL on a Saturday morning, decked out in their pajamas with bacon grease and tofu stains. The fine heather grey t-shirts pay tribute to the casual fan who cannot decide what colour to wear. The neutral is instantly converted into a fanatic, however, with an ink marked “FURY ALWAYS WITH YOU” printed on the back.

Featuring the new “rock” inspired logo, harking back to the days of hair metal and sloan, these brand new T-Shirts are driven by a 4-4 beat of non-stop adrenaline and two-fours.

“They come in various sizes,” said minivan driver Jonathan Bagg. “You can wear them for a rip or an Ashley Morgan dinner-date in Wellington West. Beard not provided. My cleanest shirt as of right now!”

The launch of the new t-shirts, by Alstyle and are all cotton to absorb water, came as a big surprise to the town Vicar who’s slow motion reaction clearly showed his staged shock. It only took two takes. He was amongst a select group of fans who had nothing better to do on a Friday night.

“Grey is the new black,” joked rioter Matt Hawkins. “Also the new white and the new red. It is also just grey. The retro design reminds me of high school in the ’90s. I can’t wait to see Section W in a plaid pastiche of black, white, red and now grey.”

Supporting the best team in the North American Soccer League, Stony Monday Riot look forward to debuting their new third t-shirt when the Ottawa Fury FC face off against the Tampa Bay Rowdies later tonight at 7PM. Tickets for this match are available with SMR in Section W starting at 6PM at the Rock.

Shirts are now on sale for $20. You can get yours before each match at the Rock (front entrance of the Cow Palace) by Gate 3 in Lansdowne.


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