SMR Blog Series: 7 Reasons Why I Riot – And You Should Too!

By Laura Gauthier


1. Soccer! Football!
Don’t know all the players names? Not sure why there are people cheering, waving flags and singing in the stands all match? Or, maybe you know all the stats and have been following players through their academies? Either way – there’s room for you at TD Place and in Stony Monday Riot. There’s no knowledge test to get in, and in fact, if you want to learn more, this is a great way to do it. Don’t really care about who’s who or what rivalry we have? That’s ok too. SMR is for all levels of soccer/football knowledge and interest.
2. Outdoors!
Yes, springsummerfall in Ottawa always feels like a short season – that’s why going to matches is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy it. Feeling the sunshine on your face as you breathe in the fresh air just steps from the canal, or bundling together in raincoats and sipping hot chocolate to stay warm – either way getting together with your friends for a match is a great way to get out and enjoy Ottawa once this winter weather is done.
3. Friends!
Ok, we can’t promise we’re going to come over and help you repaint your basement, but SMR are a friendly bunch and we sure do love a good pub before or after matches, watching games together, and going on roadtrips to various matches. New to the city? Lived here all your life? Either way comon’ down, and bring some of your friends – the more the merrier.
4. Local!
SMR are huge supporters of everything local – not just soccer. Local pubs, restaurants, music, retailers… We love to explore new places to meet up and get to know each other, part of the city – and even other cities! Got ideas? Send them our way – or better yet -organize a get together with us!
5. Hobbies!
Like designing web sites? Taking pics? Sewing? Painting? Singing? Writing? Playing drums? SMR is a great way to express your hobbies and put them to good use. Everyone brings different interests, skill sets and hobbies into the mix to help make the SMR family grow. Even Théo managed to parlay his love of video games into a FIFA15 tournament and fundraiser for SMR!
6. Big picture or detailed?
Some fans just love to watch every detail of the play – every touch and pass… Others like to sit back, and take in the whole stadium experience – feel the sun on their face, the cheers in the crowd, enjoy the food from concessions…. There’s a little bit of everything for you no matter your level of interest or detail.
7. Commitment Schmomitment!
Got kids? A busy life? Bah – who cares? SMR has no membership fees, commitments or requirements. Come when you can and have a blast. That’s all we ask! Come for a game or two – or join us every match – up to you!

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