Show Your Pride

By Laura Gauthier

A huge part of supporter culture is showing your pride through flags. SMR have a few under our belt and we thought we’d share a bit about what we’ve learned.


Our first ones were paint on fabric – which worked to varying degrees. Weather resistant paint that will keep through rain and sleet are key – at least in Ottawa! We often use a projector (at someone’s office) to project the image we want onto a bristol board (or two) to trace the logo the size we want.

We then cut it out in stencil format and painted accordingly.


Make sure to choose a fabric that will withstand paint soaking into it. Also, make sure the surface you use your exacto knife to cut out the parts you’re going to paint is durable or ok to cut up – our patio table now has SMR permanently etched into it – and we’re ok with that!


We’ve also sewn varying colour blocks together into flag format – this is probably the easiest as long as you have access to a sewing machine.


Our most complicated and elaborate one to date is the one we’re unveiling for the Home Opener on the 18th. This one involved projecting the image onto multiple tracing sheets, labelling which colours went where, cutting them out, pinning to the appropriate coloured fabric, cutting, and then sewing all together.


It definitely took more planning and time to put together, but with one person cutting, one ironing, and two people sewing and taking turns (and possibly a few bottles of wine consumed) we managed to get it done and we couldn’t be more proud.

To recap – here are the key steps in How to Make a Flag:

  • Decide what you want on it
    • Logo? Image? Colours?
    • Painted? Fabric sewn together?
  • Decide on how you’ll want to display it
    • Hanging? On a pole?This will change your design! Make sure to check with stadium about what type of PVC pole they’ll accept, or where you’re allowed to hang banners. For hanging we just put grommets in the corners and use carabiners.
  • Buy fabric and materials
    • Keep in mind weather resistance and durability
  • Get crafty (we find alcohol helps)
    • Find friends and family who can help, have supplies, tools, a garage to paint in, a floor big enough to lay out the flag, a picnic table you don’t mind etching…
  • Show it with pride!
    • This has been your hard work – now let everyone see it! Use it in marches to the stadium, at the stadium, in photos and videos… let everyone see your pride and passion for your team.

Our mantra the whole way through – no one will be close enough to see that iron burn/mis-stitch/tiny hole we accidentally ripped… and if they do then screw ‘em cause they didn’t help make it!


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