Hilarious Originality in 2014

By Baggie, December 24

With the turn of the year upon us, I thought I’d share one of my favourite aspects of the Stony Monday Riot from 2014. That is, our hilariously original support songs. These often came to life late last season from high up in the dub where the riot stands, intermingled with “more serious” songs of support from SMR, BBSC and the Ultras.

They were things of beauty from some of the funniest supporters in Ottawa that are deeply passionate but that also don’t take themselves too seriously all-the-time. Here are some of my faves. My gift to you.

SHAWARMA (to the tune of nothing)





This was an essential late-match chant to remind us that we would soon be feasting on solids of the very popular shawarma type (extra pickled turnips please) before returning to a liquid diet at a nearby pub.

Not about the Fury you say? Wrong! Shawarma is one of Ottawa’s favourite foods and an expression of its diversity. Every shawarma we eat supports local business and makes this city better. And a better city equals a better Fury. The link is clear.

Now if only the Fury could get the Garlic King in as a concession. He`d probably set us up with a TIFO to boot!

Mr. Lube (to the tune of “we’re not gonna to take it” of Twisted Sister )

We don’t need your oil

No! We don’t need your oil.

We don’t need your oil.

We’ve got lube!

This is a tip of the hat to our left-leaning members who will soon learn what a Canadian economy without oil looks like (just kidding – relax! Noam Chomsky). Seriously, it was a chant we used when the dirty Eddies were in town. It is also an acknowledgement to Mr. Lube, a key Fury sponsor and provider of fine lubricants (just brought my fancy Altima in – thanks lube people!).

Fury front office, look forward to additional sponsor value-add songs like this in 2015! You’re welcome.

Yay! Be nice!


Be nice!

Typically shouted when things get rough on the field, this song shows that we value fair play and also that we generally have a positive disposition. It’s also really easy to learn.

Blah lah lah (various artists)

Brah lah lagh lahg

Ba lagh lagh lagh lah laaah

This is used in emergencies when we forget the words of songs. Not to be abused, but keeps the melody going. Calm down purists, we`ll have song sheets more regularly next year!

Stop. Drop. (to the tune of the “Rough Ryder’s Anthem” by DMX)

Stop. Drop.

Shut’em down, open up shop

Oh-oh, oh-oh

This is how the Fury roll!

K. This is less funny. Some serious bad-ass stuff that came to be from a member only known as The Serbian. We’re still kind of looking for him. He hasn’t been seen since late last season. (Don’t worry though, we very rarely lose our members).

Anyhow, this is just some of the fun we had in the stands last season and something I’m looking forward to next year. There were so many original contributions from all over the group. Simply put, that’s one of the reasons why I love SMR.

If you want to participate in the passion and laughter, check out the supporter groups!

Do you have hilarious songs of support (or serious original ones)? Share’em with us.

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