Fight for the Borthwick Cup! Ottawa’s FIFA 2015 Tournament


When I was a kid, I could beat pretty much all comers in FIFA. Mind you, I was the only fan of the sport amongst my friends, and used to play the game on my Sega Genesis religiously. France was my team, and Marc Aubanel was my star.

Back in those days I would organize FIFA tournaments (and Madden tournaments and NHL tournaments!) which would attract a good dozen people from my high school. Nothing on the line but bragging rights, mind you, but the competition was fierce and fun was had by all. Not unlike what’s about to go down in Ottawa on March 28th, except for the higher stakes.

Stony Monday Riot is hosting the 2nd Annual Borthwick Cup, a FIFA 15 tournament open to all who are willing to put down $25 to chase video game glory. Let’s face it, most of us will ever earn money chasing and kicking that ball around for real, so you might as well cash in doing what you do best: sitting on your butt playing video games!

The anticipation is growing as the tournament’s date nears. Will Kevin be able to repeat as the winner of the Glory Stone? Will Raphael, another year of experience under his belt, push further into the field of competitors? Will I manage to get past the 1st round?

All these questions pale in comparison to the announcement by Stony Monday Riot that all the money gathered from the entry fee will go into the prize pot (last year only half the money was given to the winner). What this means is that if we reach our goal of 32 participants, the prize pot could grow to $800, and that’s not including the prizes we will have to give away as well. Not bad for a day of video gaming.

And hey, we’ve managed to get this far into the post without mentioning the food. Anyone who came to last year’s event will attest that the food was awesome. Remember the pulled pork sandwiches? The meat (and veggie!) chili? The salted chocolate chip cookies? Many of these items are returning, and the menu is getting ambitious for the 2nd edition of the tournament. Bring your lunch money!

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to flip an email to I’ll be glad to answer your queries. You should also check out for more information about the tournament’s format, the rules, and how to sign up.

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