ottawa, we’re always with you

HoolsflagFor us Ottawa is the city and region we call home. For us, c‘est Ottawa contre tout le monde.

We all love soccer, we follow matches from all over the world, but we know there is no other substitute to being present. True passion is a live-connection and is not something you can pretend from a far. It is friendships, colours over our hearts, the pounding of the drum, and the will to see our team win. It cannot be created by yourself. True passion is only made together.

Passion will never be lonely, solitary or meek. It cannot be contained to a bar stool or couch. It cannot be expressed by an echo-less cry at a television. It cannot be felt through a tweet.

True passion is an infectious disease shared by contact: pooled tears in a devastating loss, the uninhibited voice coming into unison, the collective breath between lines in a song, the embrace of a stranger after a goal.

Unlike any other known disease, true passion brings you to the brink of living. The symptoms include intense feeling. Feeling angry, feeling joyous, feeling sadness, feeling you are alive. There is no drug, no medicine, no practice that can cure the infection.

Each of us has our own story of how we came to Ottawa, how we have come to be infected by the Fury. In the end, however, our blood carries one simple truth: Ottawa, we’re always with you.

Wednesday’s match against the Vancouver Whitecaps is important. It is the first leg of the Canadian Championship semi-final, the chance to lift the Voyageurs Cup and represent our country in the CONCACAF Champions League. But more than any other reason, Wednesday is important because our passion is important.

We stand for Ottawa against everyone – whatever the team, wherever they are from, whatever our past – because we are proud to call Ottawa home, proud of what we create in this place, and proud of what we together will accomplish HERE. IN. OTTAWA.


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