Stony Monday Riot!

We are an organized group of supporters for the Ottawa Fury FC United Soccer League (USL) team. We support soccer at all levels in the National Capital Region.

We strongly believe in independent supporter culture created by and for supporters. The Stony Monday Riot is not a customer or consumer of a “game day experience”. We are, as all supporters are, full participants in every match we attend. Our passion belongs to us.

We are inspired by the creativity of our members and the diversity of Ottawa’s soccer cultures. While we recognize the strengths of various soccer cultures from around the world, we believe that supporter culture should grow organically. We do not follow a particular ‘style’ beyond what our members bring with their interests, ideas, and most importantly passion.

We operate on the donations of time and money of our members. We do fundraise through our merchandise.

We are an inclusive group of supporters. We want to remove the barriers to participating in supporter culture. We believe in working towards being a fully bilingual supporters group.

We do not charge a membership fee. We believe ‘members’ are the people who contribute their time, effort, and passion to making, sustaining, and growing SMR as a loud voice of supporter culture in Ottawa.

To join the Stony Monday Riot sign up, send us an email, or show up to an event.

The story behind the name

The stones were flying on Monday the 17th of September, 1849 in the lower town markets of Bytown. It all started as the Reformers—supporters of the rebellions of 1837—were leaving the tavern after their meeting. The Tories, unhappy about the governor’s concessions to the Reformers, were waiting in ambush and attacked. The market area turned into an open street brawl. By the third day, duelling cannons were placed on the Sapper’s Bridge over the canal ready to fire. The military arrived just in time but not before one man, David Borthwick, was killed. May he rest in peace. A few years later in 1855 Bytown was renamed Ottawa and became the new capital of Canada. Calm and boringness ensued. Until today—the beers are poured and the Stony Monday Riot has returned.

SMR was created in August 2013 in preparation for the inaugural season of the Ottawa Fury FC NASL team by a small group of friends who shared a passion for soccer and beer. We continue to grow, finding like-minded rioters in all corners of the Ottawa region.

Our structure

We continue to be a loose collective of ‘members’. Our goal is to be inclusive and organic, focusing on creating opportunities for anyone and everyone to contribute in their own way to SMR and supporter culture.

Nevertheless, a core group of members is needed to organize the communication, merchandise, finances, as well as events and match days. We encourage anyone interested in becoming more involved to sign up and/or send us an email: stonymondayriot at gmail.com .

Our logo and name

We believe our name and logo belong to everyone that participates with our group and encourage creative use of either to show your support for the Fury FC and soccer in Ottawa.

We do fundraise through the sale of SMR merchandise, which we design and sell. Money made through merchandise sales is used to support our group’s events, organization, and matchday materials such as flags and drums. Our financial records are shared publically.