A Real Supporters Section

As many guessed, our last blog post was a joke. The Ottawa Fury FC has not released any such list of rules.
The Stony Monday Riot stands (literally, we wont be sitting if we don’t have to be) for an open supporters section at Sam Harris Stadium, Carleton University and Lansdowne Park. And its so far so good from the people at Ottawa Fury FC. Most importantly we have been reassured that the supporters section will be general admittance. That means within the supporters section, you can go where you want and be with who you want.

If you have never been to a supporters section, here is a little primer:

Now we can’t promise that Ottawa will be as crazy, fun or passionate right away. Nor will we be a carbon copy of any supporters section anywhere else in the world. We are going to be about doing our own thing.

SMR is preparing (and practising) unique songs and chants. Canadian songs. Ottawa chants. We will have flags. We will be loud. We will swear. We will make obscene gestures. We will passionately support the Fury. And we will have a good time (that may or may not necessarily include beer, it is up to you).

There are a few ‘rules’ (anarchy might be for the pistol’s UK – we believe in the Clash): we will not tolerate racist, sexist, or homophobic chants, songs, or ‘banter’.

And a few ‘guidelines’: as a group we do not have a position on flares, pyro, or smoke but we know that the stadium manager does not like them. We will continue to work on this issue and to ensure the safety and excitement of everyone.

As we push towards Ottawa Fury FC’s first home match ever on April 19th @ 3pm, we will be coming out with different ways you can participate in making soccer culture in Ottawa. Number one is getting tickets.

If you are interested in joining us for a match, tickets to the supporters section are $15. You need to call Steve (or whoever answers the phone) at 613 232 6767 ext.2  to get tickets, mention Stony Monday Riot. You can also send us an email to arrange for tickets.

We are not an advertising agency but we want as many people in the supporters section on April 19th so we can have a huge party.

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