On Thursday, July 24,  Ottawa Fury FC sent us a proposal in an email following a discussion in the stadium about the possibility of moving the Supporters Section out of Section W and into Section F1 (North Side – Field Level). Here is that email, and our response below it. 

“Hello Fury FC Supporters,

I wanted to clear the air on some of the rumors around the Supporter Section at TD Place.

We are proposing the move from section W to F1 which is on the north side in the field level seating for our Ottawa Fury FC games. The other three field level seating area’s will be for sale to all our Fury FC fans on all game days so our SG’s will not be the only ticket holders on the North Side.

With the move you will be chanting towards the south side stands with maximum exposure of our SG’s to our fans at TD Place.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Go Fury!”

Stony Monday Riot Response:

Hi Michael, 

Stony Monday Riot has considered the offer from the Fury to move to section F1, and we have decided to decline. 

SMR believes that a solution can be found within Section W for the Supporters Groups. As such, the section should be exclusive to Supporters Groups, as well as those that want to join who have bought tickets to other sections. 

It’s our belief that SG tickets should not be sold online, or given away by the club. The SGs cannot fill all of section W yet, but patience is required. There are 24000 seats in the stadium, surely a few unsold seats on the goal line are not eating at OSEG profits. 

We know OSEG has done its homework on supporter culture, and know that these things don’t explode overnight. We ask that you help us in defining our section, section W, as a Supporters Section, and allow us to grow over time. With the proper support from the club, we know we can be one of the best supporters sections in North America. 

Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to your reply. 

Stony Monday Riot

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